Why Outside Developers May Soon
‚ÄčEnter The Picture

Solberg Aviation partner sues the other partners

In 2011 Suzanne Solberg Nagle, partner in Solberg Aviation Company, sued the other two partners, Thor Solberg Jr. and Lorraine P. Solberg, alleging, among other complaints, "misuse, and misappropriation of funds, as well as mismanagement." Suzanne Solberg Nagle, Plaintiff, vs. Thor Solberg, Jr. et al, Defendants.

Solberg Aviation assets to be partitioned

The judge in the case stated in May 2014 that the partnership assets should be partitioned after the current litigation with the township is completed, and that the assets should be distributed to the partners.

Termination of the partnership creates opportunity for outside aviation developers

Readington is entitled to an appeal should it receive an unfavorable verdict in the current litigation to acquire the land around the airport.  However, should the Township Committee decide not to pursue further litigation (requiring only 3 out of 5 votes), the partition of the Solberg Aviation assets could proceed and create an opportunity for outside developers to purchase one or more partners' assets, which may accelerate development of the airport.

Aviation developers are closely following developments in Readington

Wall Aviation, Inc. recently purchased sleepy Allaire airport in Monmouth County.  The newly renamed Monmouth Jet Center is now "one of the largest, privately-owned public-use airports in the United States." 

Alan Antaki of Wall Aviation wrote a letter to Readington's mayor threatening "to see what else we might do" to thwart Readington's efforts to purchase Solberg lands. 

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