What Size Airplanes Can Land At Solberg?


The main runway at Solberg airport today is 3,735 feet in length by 50 feet wide. Thanks to newer technology, some Very Light Jets (VLJ's) jets are now able to land at Solberg.  Read our page How Big Can It Get? to see comparison of the proposed expanded Solberg with other nearby airports.


At the public meeting of January 17, 2006, the township's aviation consultant, Richard Golazewski, made a presentation describing the potential future expansion of the airport and describing the size of planes that could land. Golzewski indicated that runway needs for aircraft are generally:

  • 4,000’ for small business jets
  • 5,000’ for medium business jets
  • 6,000’ for largest business jets

To market itself to corporate business jets, the airport needs a runway length of 5,000 or more feet.  Given Readington's proximity to Manhattan, major roadways, and demand for corporate jetport facilities, a runway of greater than 5,000 feet would likely draw corporate and private jets.

The 1996 Solberg Hunterdon Airport Master Plan, conditionally approved by the FAA and NJDOT, concluded that "a 4,300 foot runway would satisfy current users and a minimum length of 4,890 feet would enable forecast users to operate during most conditions. Depending on the level of utility and the demand to satisfy in the long term, a greater distance may be warranted" - up to 5,600 feet (more than 1 mile in length).

The slides below taken from Mr. Golazewski's presentation depict the various sizes of aircraft that can land at various runway lengths.