Serious Impacts on Schools and Children

Contemplating an expanded airport, the Readington Township Board of Education passed a resolution in 2006 stating that "the noise from ...aircraft would be a distraction to effective teaching and learning" at all 3 schools." The board also said that planes using the crosswind runway "pose a perpetual and imminent threat to the children, staff and visitors at both Holland Brook and Readington Middle Schools".

Holland Brook and Readington Middle School are very near the crosswind runway and immediately adjacent to the Safety Zone.   Three Bridges School would be under the flight path of larger aircraft that would be using the main runway.

Why did the School Board build the schools near the Airport??

The first Link below is a letter from a long-time school-board member that explains how the Solbergs for years said they had no intentions of expanding the Airport, so the School Board went ahead and used the property that had been aquired years ago rather than purchase new property. Now the Solbergs complain that the schools were purposefully built near the Airport to stop expansion.

If there are no expansion plans whats the problem?

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For more information about the Airport Safety Zone read our page  Runway and Airport Safety Zone Layouts.

A Danger To Schools

Airport Safety Zone

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