To appreciate the scale that Solberg airport could achieve, consider:

  • The airport is currently operating on only about 54 of the Solberg property's 725 acres
  • At 725 acres, the Solberg property is larger than LaGuardia
  • The Solbergs initially proposed 1,000,000 square feet of hangar and office space on only 100 acres during the 2006 negotiations with the town. Imagine what they could fit on the rest of the acreage.

In the photo above, the 3,735' main runway is centered in the photo on the vertical axis, running between Pulaski and Rte 620 (Readington Road in Readington).   With a proposed expansion to 5,600', the clear zones for the main runway would cross Readington Road at the far end, and cross Pulaski encompassing Glenmont in the foreground.

The crosswind runway runs from left to right from Sohl Drive to Lightfield Road. Notice the vast swaths of space for potential expansion on each end of the crosswind runway, running from Readington Road in Branchburg on the far left, to Holland Brook school on the right-hand side.

Also notice the push-pins marking a straight-line course towards Three Bridges School off the west end of the main runway.  Pleasant Run Rd is at about 3.5 miles.  Landing aircraft on a 3% glide slope would be at about 900' over Pleasant Run when on approach from the South.  Read our page Noise to see how loud it would be.

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