Open Space Has Saved Readington Taxpayers A Bundle

School taxes are 65% of your property tax bill. The fastest way to drive up your property tax bill is for the town to encourage residential property development by zoning for smaller lot sizes.

Instead, Readington has saved taxpayers a bundle by preserving over 9000 acres of open space, mostly by using over $60 million in federal, state, and county funds.

Readington’s preserved land could have become housing developments. By a conservative estimate using an average lot size of 5 acres, in  preserving 9000 acres, Readington has avoided adding 1800 homes and over 1800 school children (if each new household sends 1 child per household) to our school districts.

Open Space Reduces Your Taxes

Open Space Preservation Is Saving Readington Taxpayers At Least $27,149,000 Per Year


Average school tax per household (2014)*
School budget per pupil (2013/2014)*
Deficit per pupil
Tax deficit for 1800 pupils (assuming 1 child per household)
Avoided tax increase per average home

*Updated for 2013/2014 school year

School taxes must be paid every – forever. By contrast, once open space is paid for, ongoing costs are minimal as open space does not require schools, police, fire, ambulance, or roads.

While Raritan and Clinton have had to take on additional debt to build new schools, Readington has not.

Total Land Preservation Debt Is Only $236 Per Year Per Household

Total land preservation debt, including the airport, averages $236 per household, and is reduced as debt is paid off. Schools cost more, and must be supported forever.