It Can Happen Faster Than You Think

Allaire Airport Was Comparable to Solberg Airport

Until recently, Allaire airport was a general-aviation airport catering to small planes, skydivers, and aerial advertising businesses. Set on 700 acres (a size comparable to Solberg-Hunterdon) in a densely-populated area in Wall Township, Allaire was recently purchased by new owners Wall Aviation LLC, who have renamed the airport Monmouth Jet Center at Monmouth Executive

Wall Aviation has been closely following developments in Readington, including attending township meetings and sending emails to township officials. Read our page "Why Outside Developers May Soon Enter The Picture" to see what Wall Aviation told Readington Township.

Now A Full Scale  Jetport

The Star Ledger reported in December, 2013 that "The new owner, a consortium known as Wall Aviation, plans to turn Monmouth Executive into a modern, upscale airport, with new facilities, a new operator, new fuel provider and even air traffic controllers, who have not worked the airport since the military abandoned the tower it built there in the early 1960s."  After 75 Years In The Family, Monmouth Executive Airport Is Under New Management", Star-Ledger, Dec 8, 2013.

A recent article on the Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association (AOPA) website says "The new owners had to wait more than a decade to close the deal, but close they have - and they will waste no time sprucing up the place."

"'We're literally going to do everything', said Richard Asper, chairman of Aviation Professionals Group, the Florida firm whose clients - the new owners - have long sought a private airport with Monmouth's potential and qualities. Asper said...'this airport will be unrecognizable from its present form in weeks.'"  (our emphasis)

Just Over An Hour To New York City

With a drive into Manhattan ony 15 minutes longer than from Teterboro, the airport is being marketed to business jets. That the private airport was previously controlled by a family who made no effort to market to corporate jets "helps explain why so much space is still available in the midst of so much pent-up demand. Optimism is running high that the vacant space will be snapped up fast." continues the IOPA article.   Vacant Hangars, New Owners, AOPA, November 19, 2013