Farmland Assessment

A campaign email sent by Broten and Tropello supporter Scott Scammell attacked another candidate for using "a tax shelter known as farmland assessment."

The Broten and Tropello campaign are misleading residents about farmland assessment for their own agenda.  They do not disclose that both candidate Sam Tropello (via his wife) and Scott Scammell have farmland-assessed property in Readington.

Farmland assessment is fair to all taxpayers and economically critical to the town.  Without it, farmers would struggle to pay disproportionate taxes and would be under pressure to sell to developers.  Over 400 other properties in town are farmland-assessed.

Farmland Assessment Explained

Farm owners pay TWO property tax bills.  The tax on the resident is equal to other comparable homes in Readington.  The tax on farmed land is lower because hay fields and woodlots don't send kids to school or use other township services.  Farms and open space decrease congestion, safeguard out environment, and protect the rural beauty and tranquility of our town.