Note That The Biggest Portion Of Your Tax Bill Is For Schools

Excerpt From A Real Tax Bill Showing Distribution of Tax

Debt Is Not Our Real Problem

Township Committeemen Broten and Tropello raised debt has a false issue in the 2014 campaign since the town hopes to preserve the open space around the airport as a means of blocking airport expansion. Persuading voters that open space debt is excessive is an easy way of persuading voters to abandon the only means we have of preventing airport expansion.

Municipal debt service for open space, including the airport, is covered by the Municipal Open Space tax as well as a portion of the Municipal tax.  It comes to 2.36% of the total tax bill ($292 per year for the homeowner whose tax bill is pictured at right).

Broten & Tropello ignore 97.64% of our tax bill in order to go after 2.36%. That tactic won’t lower taxes, but it will allow the airport to expand.