In 2014, Jack McNamera Esq., Chairman of the NJ Aviation Association, petitioned the NJ DOT to intervene in Readington with the explicit goal of enabling Solberg Airport to expand into a significant corporate jetport.  He seems to have even bigger plans than those previously articulated by the Solbergs.  

Mr. McNamera writes:

"In the late 1960s, the NYNJPA declared that a fourth jetport was necessary to serve the New York Metropolitan area. Solberg Airport was one of the three potential locations.  Momentarily, it was possible Solberg would become a second Newark class airport in New Jersey. But it did not transpire. The Township of Readington rose in opposition and the NYNJPA postponed the selection."

Mr. McNamera also writes that the The New Jersey General Aviation Study Commission determined that "800 acres of land will be required for a ...viable general aviation airport...A total of 1,400 acres will be required for an intermodal transportation station with a terminal and facilities accommodating major highways, mass transit systems and air transportation. Solberg Airport is the only airport in Hunterdon and Somerset Counties with acreage and crosswind runway that comes close to meeting this recommended criteria..."   Letter from Jack McNamara, Chairman of New Jersey Aviation Association, to James Simpson, Comissioner NJDOT, April 22, 2013.

Compare Solberg With Other Airports

By comparison, LaGuardia has about 680 acres; Teterboro 830 acres, and Morristown 625 acres.  Read our page "How Big Can It Get?" to compare other airports with Solberg.

The Chairman of the NJ Aviation Association is lobbying the NJ Department of Transportation to expand Solberg into a major regional airport  

Aviation Lobby Wants An Even Bigger

Suzy Solberg Nagle, one of the co-owners of Solberg Airport, and Don Baldwin, Readington resident and vocal Solberg supporter, serve along with Jack McNamera on the board of the New Jersey Aviation Association (NJAA).  The masthead above is from a recent issue of the organization's publication, "The Aviator".