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Who We Are

Citizens for Readington (CFR) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established by Readington residents with the primary mission of informing and educating the public about issues that affect the quality of life in our township.   Like you, we have busy lives with kids, pets, errands, and stressful jobs; and we don't particularly like politics.  But we think residents should be fully informed about issues that will change the character of our township forever.  So we volunteer our time to gather important information and make it accessible to our neighbors.

Current Officers:  Bill Goodwin, Tracy Kirk, Karen Mittleman

Why We Care

Readington Township faces great opportunities and great challenges.


Readington is in a unique position with all of its open space, preserved farmland, and public parks. The opportunities are (1) to use this land for the greatest benefit of its citizens in an environmentally sound way; (2) to continue to develop a consistent historic look for the new buildings along Route 22 so that a traveler can readily identify Readington from the mass of sprawl along eastern stretches of Route 22; and (3) promote new ratables that add more in taxes than in township/school expenditures.  Examples of the latter are office buildings or senior housing. 

The threats and challenges arise from attempts to expand Solberg airport, from having more or louder aircraft use of the airport, from large residential developments, and from unrestricted commercial sprawl.  Additional challenges may originate in the State government, such as requirements for a large number of affordable housing or builders' remedy lawsuits.  State law overrides local zoning in cases where the use is "inherently beneficial", as defined by the state.  Smaller challenges occasionally arise from unusual uses of property where the lack of public knowledge causes great concern amongst the neighbors.

Other threats arise through ever higher property taxes that cause long-term residents to move to low-tax locations.

Airport expansion has been on hold since 2006 when voters authorized funds to purchase the land around the airport as permanent open space and to purchase deed restrictions on the airport itself. Under this plan, the airport's owners, Solberg Aviation, would retain ownership and operation of the airport and receive millions of dollars in compensation.   When negotiations with Solberg Aviation failed, the Township went to court and the matter has been in litigation and appeals since. 

.Our town relies on volunteers who serve on our boards and committees in our schools and township government.  We hope to have highly qualified residents in these positions.

What Can You Do?

For decades, residents have kept Readington a great place to live by defending the town from two relentless pressures - suburban sprawl and the expansion of Solberg Airport.  The baton is now passed to us.  The time to speak out is now.  Once the genie is out of the bottle, there will be no putting it back.

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