School may be out for the summer, but the volunteers and elected officials who serve on Committees and Boards in the Township continue to work hard on behalf of us all. At the July 2nd TC meeting, 2 ordinances were passed unanimously.

The first ordinance (#09-2018) was the provision for Readington Township to authorize and accept the donation of joist girders and joists to be used for future pedestrian trail improvements on Township-owned open space. Rather than scrap excess materials, WBE Steel Services, Inc. has offered them to the Township. We thank WBE for their generous donation and look forward to the improvements they will provide to the trails.

The second ordinance (#10-2018) was for the appropriation of $800,000 for a “market-to-affordable” program. It authorizes the issuance of $760,000 bonds or notes of the Township to finance the program, with $40,000 as a down payment as required by the Local Bond Law. The “market-to-affordable” program is one of several mechanisms by which Readington Township can meet its affordable housing obligation. This program allows the Township to purchase existing properties, then deed-restrict them to become affordable housing units. The difference between what the township pays for the property and what it sells it for is covered by the funds created through this ordinance. The TC noted they are utilizing a mix of all available mechanisms to create the affordable housing required by law with the aim of having the least negative impact to the Township. One of the advantages of the “market-to-affordable” mechanism is it adds to the town’s affordable housing inventory without actually adding to the number of properties in town requiring services such as schools and police. In addition to the “market-to-affordable” approach, other mechanisms include 100% affordable housing (Nelson Street with rental bonus credits), inclusionary zoning (Readington Commons – 25% of units are affordable), and Group Homes. For further information on Affordable Housing for Readington Township, please view the presentation made to the Planning Board in March which is available on the Readington Township website:

Readington is a small community and is best served when everyone tries to stay informed. We encourage neighbors to attend meetings whenever possible. There is a lot of information on the Township website (, and all of CFR’s articles can be found at We hope to see you at the next Open Space walk on Sunday, July 15th! 

July 13, 2018

July Newsletter