March 17, 2017

In October we shared with you important information about dangers to several tree species:  Ash, Pin Oak & Red Oak Trees at Risk.

Since then, Robert Becker of the Open Space Advisory Board has been working with volunteers to survey the town for the presence of at-risk species. In addition to the beauty the trees provide, weakened or dying trees can fall into the roads, causing damage and cleanup costs. With Dr. Neil Hendrick, also of the OSAB, Mr. Becker presented a plan to the Township Committee for follow-up steps.

The Township Committee agreed to fund $30,000 to begin treatment of some of the ash trees. Additional steps are the creation of a network of volunteer neighborhood tree stewards and to continue working with Raritan Community College students to complete the street tree inventory, begin public education, and determine which ash trees should be treated, removed, or left alone.

Many thanks to Mr. Becker, Dr. Hendrick, and all the volunteers for taking such constructive, forward-thinking steps to protect our community.

Update:  Ash, Pin Oak & Red Oak Trees at Risk