Two 10,000 gallon fuel tanks at Solberg Airport have leaked lead-based aviation fuel contaminating both soil and ground water.    It is not known at this time if Volatile Organic (VO) compounds had reached the wells of homes near the airport.  Well water at the airport is not used for drinking.       

During Thor Solberg’s testimony in court January 15, 2015, Readington’s attorney inquired about documents related to fuel tank leaks at Solberg Airport that released lead-based aviation fuel into both soil and ground water.  Closure permits for those tanks had been filed 2005, but the tanks were not tested or removed until 2014, 9 years later.   The attorney noted that Solberg Airport sits on a “Sole Source Aquifer” – in other words, the same source of underground waters serves the entire region. 

This spill was discussed at several meetings of the Readington Township Board of Health in late 2014.   Minutes of these meetings revealed that the Solberg fuel tanks are essentially considered a gas station, and are under the jurisdiction of the NJ DEP.  When Board of Health members questioned the County Health Department representative about the health impacts of contaminated ground water, the representative noted that the well on the airport property is not used for any potable consumption.

Readington Board of Health Minutes Oct-15-2014

Readington Board of Health Minutes Nov-19-2014 

Residents interested in having their wells tested can find more information on the Raritan Headwaters Association website. 

Solberg Fuel Leak Contaminates Ground Water