Your Vote Matters

November 25, 2015

Voter turnouts have been at record lows across the nation, but Readington showed relatively high participation with 34% of registered voters casting their ballots.  We surpassed the County by approximately 10 percentage points and the State by about 14 percentage*, so kudos to Readington voters!  This is important because elections are being decided by smaller segments of the population; your vote can really tip the scales.  For example, Readington native Donna Simon lost her seat in the State Assembly by less than 100 votes this election. 

Critical decisions are also made by local governments, and this may have been what brought so many Readington residents to the polls.  Our Township is facing pressures to expand Solberg Airport, to allow sprawling development and to permit zoning changes on the Merck property.  Residents voiced their opposition to these agendas at the ballot box this November by electing Liz Duffy and Ben Smith, who ran a campaign to institute “smart planning” and redevelopment, to uphold zoning and the Township Master Plan and to resist airport expansion.  We encourage citizens to hold Duffy and Smith accountable to their campaign promises by staying informed and getting involved at Township meetings.


*Final statewide results will be published next month. Readington and Hunterdon County results courtesy of the Hunterdon County Clerk's office.