October 14, 2015

Its campaign season again. The General Election is slated for November 3rd.  Like you, we’ve seen some lawn signs popping up around town over the last week, so we’ve gathered information on the newest candidate, Scott Scammell. 

Mr. Scammell is running as an Independent.  The records show he is a lifelong Republican and, according to the County Clerk office, a current member of the Readington Township Republican Committee for District #16  (see page 21).  He is also a current member of the Hunterdon County Republican Committee.

Mr. Scammell was a large financial backer of candidates defeated in the June Republican Primary and has now entered himself on the November ballot in the guise of an Independent.

He has lived in Readington for 57 years, and has no record of township service or volunteering.

Mr. Scammell has close ties to the aviation community.  He is a third generation aviator and pilot.  He is an aviation insurance broker and principal in Wings, LLC.  Prior to that he was affiliated with AirSure Limited, LLC, an agency specializing in insurance coverage, employee benefits, and risk management services for businesses in the aviation industry, including commercial operations, corporate aircraft services, and helicopters.   

Mr. Scammell is a long time member of the Wings Club of NY, a prestigious aviation club. He is also a member of the Quiet Birdmen, a secretive club in the United States for male aviators.

Mr. Scammell is also CEO of Scammellot, LLC, a family company with large land holdings on Cushetunk Mountain.  He has stated that Readington should encourage more residential and commercial development.

These facts indicate that Mr. Scammell is simply the latest Solberg supporter to try to gain a seat on the committee, and is running to further the agenda that was soundly defeated in June. We have asked Mr. Scammell, and Liz Duffy and Ben Smith, to answer several key questions for the community, and will share their answers with you next week. And of course we’ll continue to share information throughout the campaign. 

Who is Scott Scammell?