The decision handed down by Judge Paul Armstrong in May did not end the airport litigation.  Immediately following the court’s decision, both Solberg Aviation Company and Readington Township filed various post-trial motions with the assignment judge, Yolanda Ciccone, to challenge several of Judge Armstrong’s decisions.

One of the motions filed by Solberg Aviation sought approval for tax forgiveness on their property.  The Solbergs have not paid their real estate taxes on the airport in 10 years.  

July 25, 2015

Post-Trial Motions Filed to Challenge Court Decisions: Solbergs Filed for Tax Debt Forgiveness for 10 Years of Back Taxes.​

Although only the lands that are surrounding the airport operation were under dispute in the litigation, the Solbergs have not paid taxes since 2006 on property operated as the General Aviation Airport.  The back taxes for the airport facility property are estimated to be up to $760,000 if fees are included.  Since Readington Township is responsible for collecting local taxes and has to pay the schools and county their share of the property tax levy regardless whether the full amount is collected from property owners, the Solberg's failure to pay has increased the burden on other Township residents.

Judge Ciccone denied the Solbergs’ motion and ruled that the Solbergs owe back taxes on the airport facility properties for 2006-2015.  The property assessment will be determined with consideration that the Township had previously condemned the development rights on the Solberg property outside of this area.  Judge Ciccone has appointed an independent appraiser to adjust this assessment for the years 2006-2015.

The current status of property taxes can be searched through a link on the Readington Township website, at   

The amount of delinquent taxes for the Solberg aviation property can be Viewed Here