July 25, 2015

Landslide Republican Primary Election in Readington

Liz Duffy and Ben Smith handily won the June 3rd Republican Primary Election with a promise to keep Readington Township both affordable and a great place to live and raise a family.  Voter’s supported the Duffy-Smith platform by a 677 vote margin.  Votes for Duffy and Smith averaged 1,789 between them, while Lelah and Lyons trailed with 1,122 votes.  Duffy and Smith won 61% of the vote.

The turnout of eligible voters in Readington was very high for an off-year primary election, with 54% of registered Republicans participating.  The Republican voter turnout in Readington far exceeded the Republican turnout for all of Hunterdon County at only 16% .  The fate of Solberg Airport in the wake of the court decision rendered by Superior Court Judge Armstrong in May was a key issue drawing Readington residents to the polls.  Duffy and Smith promised to hold the line against airport expansion and to give serious consideration to filing an appeal of the Superior Court’s ruling.  Voters undoubtedly came to the polls to support this stance.

The June election earned Liz Duffy and Ben Smith the Republican slot on the ballot for the General Election.  They will still need voters to get to the polls for the upcoming November 3rd General Election in order to secure their seats on the Readington Township Committee.

 *Source: Hunterdon County Clerk