Readington attorney’s and Solbergs’ attorneys have each filed a ‘Post Trial Reply Brief’ with the superior court in Somerset.  These documents are the replies to the post trial summaries filed by each side when the trial ended.   They make interesting reading. 

The Solberg Post-Trial Reply Brief 

In their Post-Trial Reply Brief to the judge, attorneys for Solberg Aviation reiterate that it is the Solbergs’ intent to expand the airport into a busy corporate jetport, that a jetport would be supported by the NJDOT and FAA, and that it is Readington’s intent to stop the expansion. 

The Solbergs say they are willing to 'compromise' by allowing Readington to deed restrict the airport to prevent only residential development.  

The catch is that residential development rights would cost Readington millions of dollars but would put no restrictions on airport expansion.  In this scenario, the Solbergs can have their cake and eat it too -- a jetport paid for in part by Readington taxpayers.     

The Readington Post-Trial Reply Brief 

In their Post-Trial Reply Brief to the judge, attorneys for Readington Township point out that “If there is one unifying theme in this reply, it is that the Solbergs have consistently focused on extraneous facts or arguments that have no bearing upon the case at hand.” 

The Reply Brief goes on to explain that the Township has the legal authority to preserve the airport in order to protect the rural character and environment of the township, and that this goal is consistent with the long-term policies and actions of the Township. 

The Reply Brief describes actions by the Solbergs that indicates their intent to expand the airport to the greatest extent possible in order to make more money from fuel sales and other jetport services.  In fact, the Solberg’s have already filed a separate lawsuit against Readington Township that would require the town to zone the entire 726 acres for airport use.  

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Readington Post-Trial Brief

Solberg Post-Trial Brief

Readington Post-Trial Reply Brief

Solberg Post-Trial Reply Brief 

April 14, 2015

Solbergs Propose Sweetheart Deal for Themselves