Readington Dog Park News

March 10, 2015

The Dog Park in Readington provides a setting in which residents can gather and socialize and where their dogs can play together off leash.  It can be a joyful experience to watch your dog burning off all that excess energy by playing tag with another dog.  And you never know -- maybe that other dog’s owner will become a great new friend of yours!

Remember that all dogs using the dog park must be well socialized and vaccinated, and the owner must pay close attention to be sure their dog is not being bullied by - or bullying - another dog.  You might want to download the app “Sue Sternberg’s Dog Park Assistant” to watch short videos that will tell you if your dog is afraid or being too aggressive so you can intervene early.   

Here is some other great information derived from The Dog Park in Readington website.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the dog park is two-fold: to organize, construct, and maintain a premier off-leash dog park facility to benefit the Readington community, without the use of township funds and to educate both dogs and non-dog owners about proper socialization. Educating the public in these areas is directly correlated in reducing animal mistreatment and making everyone better neighbors.

Why a dog park?

Dog parks enable dogs to legally run off-leash. A dog park provides a happy environment for dogs and owners alike. Statistics show that socialized dogs are better pets and better members of the community. Parks promote responsible pet ownership, provide seniors with a place to exercise their pets and build a better sense of community.

It is estimated that there are over 750 dogs registered in Readington Township. A 2008 survey indicated that 50% of the people responding to the survey would like a dog park by 2012 and 30% wanted one immediately.

How much area is there?

The park consists of approximately two acres. Adequate parking is available and there is nearby access to water.

How is it paid for?

The park is financed and maintained through private funding, similar to many dog parks throughout New Jersey. It is a non-profit 501 (3C) accepting donations with a nominal yearly maintenance fee required for each dog using the facility.

Who can be a member of the dog park?

Membership and usage privileges are open to Readington Township residents and non-residents of currently licensed dogs with up-to-date vaccination documentation.

Who benefits from a dog park?

Obviously, the dogs benefit, however dog parks offer socialization for the dog owners, also. Adults and senior citizens will have an opportunity to exercise their dogs and interact with others.

What is the design?

As with many other dog parks, the facility is completely fenced in and divided into two separate sections: one for all dogs and the second for smaller dogs less than 25 lbs.

Does the dog park have rules and regulations?

Of course, the rules and regulations are posted outside the park and distributed to all registered members.

What is the insurance liability of a dog park?

Primarily, liability rests in the hands of the dog owner. The dog park will have supplemental and property damage insurance.

To learn more visit The Dog Park In Readington.