The Readington Police Force is known as one of the best in the state because of their proactive policies.  The Canine Unit is a great example.  On Feb 17, handlers Cpl Haycock and Cpl Ferreiro treated residents and officials at the Readington Township Committee meeting to a demonstration of the remarkable skills of Police dogs Ronin and Polis.  These dogs have found illegal drugs, missing persons, and suspected criminals.  They and their handlers are clearly doing their part to help keep us safe!

Ronin, with 7 years of service, has assisted in seizing over one million dollars in illegal narcotics and drug money, and has located 10 suspected criminals and 6 missing persons. Several years ago, Ronin helped the police nab a repeat burglary offender in our township by arriving quickly at a crime scene and locating the suspect hiding in a nearby woods. Polis was able to help out last month on his very first day of service by locating a 13 year old resident who had “run away” from home, but who was actually hiding close by on a very cold night.

Readington’s Township’s canine unit, which is the only municipal unit in Hunterdon County, easily earns its keep. Readington’s 23 man police force is known for being one of the best in the State because of their proactive policies. Chief Donaruma explains that our police force moves quickly to put appropriate resources toward solving crimes, very often with a good result! Less than 1% of Readington residents have ever been victims of a serious crime.  

March 1, 2015

Readington Police K-9 Unit