There is no question that Readington residents are privileged to live in a very safe community. One of the reasons we enjoy this privilege is because of the sacrifice, dedication and professionalism of the members of Readington’s volunteer emergency services. Our 48 square mile township and 5,500 homes are served by four Volunteer Fire Companies.  Although these are private companies that depend, for the most part, on private donations, Readington’s municipal government shows its appreciation for their service by helping pay for a portion of annual expenses and by helping to buy critical safety equipment that would otherwise be out of reach for volunteer organizations.

In 2014, the Township purchased a new tanker truck for Readington Fire Company, and they approved the expenditure of $550,000 for the acquisition of a new pumper for the Whitehouse Fire Company and about $50,000 for a fully equipped Command Vehicle for the Three Bridges Fire Company.  

All of our Township is served by the Whitehouse Rescue Squad. Although the squad has historically been a predominantly all-volunteer organization which depends on private donations, it assures the safety of our residents by covering daytime and weekday shifts with paid professionals. Two ambulance teams stand ready at either end of our large township to answer calls each day.

In 2014 Readington Township agreed to assist Whitehouse Rescue by raising approximately $100,000 toward the purchase of a new ambulance.

March 1, 2015

New Emergency Equipment On Tap