See PDF version for full listing of appointments to Township boards.

Tom AuriemmaRecreation, Police, Library Services
John BrotenFinance, Public Works
Liz Duffy

Farmland/Open Space Preservation/Land Projects

Planning Board, Board of Health

Betty Ann FortSewer Advisory Committee, Zoning, Historic Preservation, Museums, Social Services, Code Enforcement
Sam TropelloFire Companies and Rescue Squad, Municipal Court, Crossing Guards

The courtroom was nearly full for the January 5th Organization Meeting of the Township Committee.  Residents witnessed the swearing in of Betty Ann Fort as Mayor, and John Broten and Sam Tropello as new members of the Readington Township Committee.  At the meeting, the Township Committee approved the assignments of oversight responsibilities to the various Committee members as well as membership of the various voluntary boards that comprise the Township government, including the Planning Board, Open Space Committee, and Board of Health.  The vote to approve these positions and assignments was 4 to 1 with only Sam Tropello voting ‘No’.  The vote generated intense discussion by residents and committee members alike.

Readington Appoints Board Memberships

Appointment of Readington Township Committee Members as Liaisons to Various Functions, Boards, and Committees

As in previous years, appointments to Township boards and committees were recommended by the outgoing Township Committee for approval by the new Committee at the first meeting of the New Year.  Appointments are based on the experience and interests of the Committee members and township volunteers, and are designed to maintain a level of continuity while including new membership as appropriate.

The boards and committees are an important part of maintaining the policies that have kept Readington a beautiful, safe, and healthy place to live.  The membership lists below illustrate how much Readington depends on volunteer service – many boards and committees are entirely volunteer and do not include a Township Committee member except as liaison.

John Broten was assigned liaison responsibility for Finance.  In this position, he will have an opportunity to learn about township finances in depth, and to correct some misperceptions he voiced during the campaign concerning tax rates and housing values in Readington.  He will also have an opportunity to learn how land preservation (2.5% of the budget) reduces overall taxes by lowering school costs (60% of the budget).

Sam Tropello, appointed as liaison to the Fire Companies and the Municipal Court, protested that he had not been assigned to membership of the Open Space committee and asked to replace Julia Allen in that role.  Mayor Fort explained that he lacks the requisite expertise at this time, but encouraged him to attend all Open Space Committee meetings.

The new Committee members were also assigned as liaisons to the Transco Pipeline project in 2015. Construction of this pipeline will impact many residents and be a major disruption to the township and homeowners.  This assignment offers an excellent opportunity for these new Township Committee members to assist residents who are impacted by this project.