Upon recommendation of the Readington Open Space Committee, two parcels have been selected for preservation with the Transco funds.  One parcel is a 5 acre land-locked piece of mature woodland directly contiguous to an existing preserved piece along the Cole Road Greenway (Block 66, Lot 53).   The other parcel is 29 acres of mature woodland on the side of Cushetunk Mountain.  This piece (Block 44, Lot 4.02) is located on Dreahook Road, and is contiguous with State parkland at the top of the mountain.  Both parcels help meet Green Acres criteria of replacing mature trees that will be lost during the construction process.

This open space acquisition will be on the agenda for public comment at the December 15, 2014 meeting of the Readington Township Committee.

Editor’s note:  The 5 acre parcel is situated between parcels of land belonging to Sam Tropello and to Julia Allen.  To avoid any conflict of interest, Julia Allen did not participate in any actions related to the selection or preservation of this parcel.

The Pleasant Run Loop of the of the Transco Leidy Southeast Expansion Project  will lay almost 7 miles of 42-inch pipe alongside two existing pipelines running roughly parallel to the Pleasant Run River from Neshanic Station to Stanton.  The new pipeline, scheduled to be installed in 2015, traverses several township-owned Green Acres preserved properties.

When preserved Open Space is negatively impacted by pipeline construction, New Jersey Green Acres requires Transco to fund compensatory land acquisition.  In this case, Transco is required to pay Readington $522,000.  All of these funds must be used for acquisition of compensatory open space.

December 16, 2014

​​Pipeline Expansion Finances Open Space Purchases