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2014-12-15 Readington Moves To Meet COAH  Requirements 

2014-12-16 Pipeline Expansion Finances Open Space Purchases

2014-12-16 Beatrice Muir Resigns

2014-12-09 Small Jet Crashes Near Gaithersburg

2015-01-06 Readington Appoints Board Memberships

2015-01-07 JCP&L Infrastructure Improvements

2015-01-07 Actions Confirm Pro-Development Agenda

2015-01-12  No Voter Mandate For Broten & Tropello

2015-01-25  Trial Ends, Solberg Confirms Intent to Expand Airport

2015-01-31Solberg Fuel Contaminates Ground Water

2015-02-12  Solberg Expansion- Answers to Your Questions

2015-03-01 Readington Cited as one of Safest NJ Towns

2015-03-01  New Emergency Equipment On Tap

2015-03-01  Readington Police K9 Unit

2015-03-01  Development Threatens Historic District

2015-03-10  Readington Dog Park News

2015-03-15  Solberg Attorney Says Solberg Should Expand

2015-03-18 $5K Grant Available To Readington Organizations

2015-03-10  It's Spring At The Community Garden

2015-03-13  Your Vote Counts in June Primary

2015-04-13  1000 Free Seedlings For Readington Residents

2015-04-13  Merck- Low Impact on Property Taxes

2015-04-13  Airport Could Take Over Township Committee

2015-04-13  Solbergs Propose Sweetheart Deal For Themselves

2015-07-25 Landslide Primary Election in Readington

2015-07-25Readington Business Buzz

2015-07-25  Solbergs File For 10 years of Tax Forgiveness

2015-08-31  Solbergs Obtain Grant To Grade Runway Safety Area

2015-08-31  Merck Presents Opportunity For Smart Planning

2015-08-31  Hunterdon Central Regional High School Ranks High

2015-08-31  Solberg Litigation: Post-Trial Motions Filed 

2015-08-31 Solberg Airport Litigation- The Case for Appealing

2015-10-1   Who Makes The Decisions In Town?

2015-10-14  Who is Scott Scammell?

2015-10-14  Readington Sewer Allocation Litigation

2015-10-19  Township Committee Candidates Respond

2015-10-21  Airport Expansion Looms in Readington

2015-10-21  What is Happening With Merck?

2015-10-23  Concerns With Scammell's Campaign

2015-10-28  HC BOE Candidates Respond to CFR Questions

2015-10-29  CFR Endorses Duffy and Smith

2015-11-25Your Vote Matters

2015-11-25Business Buzz-Farmer & Chickpea

2015-11-25  Readington Sustainability Accomplishments

2016-01-15  Township Committee Assignments

2016-01-15   Jan 26 Vote for School Referendums

2016-01-21  Hunterdon County Open Space Plan Needs Clarity

2016-02-12 Are Negotiations with the Solbergs Still Possible? 

2016-02-12  TC Avoids Tax Increase by Paying Bond Legal Fees

2016-02-22  Holly Thorn House to be Converted

2016-02-22  Proposed Use of Open Space Trust Funds 

2016-04-20  Why the Princeton Airport Negotiations Worked

2016-05-01  Readington Township Committee Votes to Appeal

2016-05-01  Prelim View of Debt & Taxes

2016-06-01  Mayor Fort Responds to Voter Questions

2016-06-06 Mayor Fort Wins Township Committee Primary

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Solbergs Take Steps to Expand Runway from 3735' to 5600'

May 28, 2016

Thor Solberg requested a "No Objection" permit from the Federal Aviation Administration in October 2015 to expand the current runway an extra 1,865 feet up to 5,600 feet.  The permit was granted in March 2016.  The upcoming June 7th election will determine whether Readington continues its opposition to the land use change sought by the Solbergs to allow the runway expansion.  CLICK HEREto view document.    Full Story>>   

Solbergs Receive Summary Judgement to Rezone all 726 Acres for Airport Use

October 15, 2016

The owners of Solberg Airport opened a lawsuit against Readington Township to forcibly increase the amount of land zoned for airport use.  The action requested that the entire property totaling 726 acres be zoned airport.  Currently 122 acres are zoned for airport use, which includes a 3000’ runway.  The remaining 600+ acres are zoned as agricultural/residential. The Solbergs have been benefiting from the current Farmland Assessment zoning on that land.  Opening arguments began on September 7th. The judgment, issued on September 26, holds that Readington' s zoning is invalid.   The pending appeal of the 2015 Judge Armstrong ruling was a contributing factor in this zoning action not going to full trial, as the zoning is a component of the current legal proceeding.  Full Story>>  

Ash, Pin Oak & Red Oak Trees at Risk

October 19, 2016

The beauty and practical benefits of trees are an important component of our properties and neighborhoods. Two new threats have come to Readington in the last few years. They may affect oak trees, both red oaks and pin oaks, and ash trees.  CFR spoke to Dr. Neil Hendrickson from Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory in Lebanon. Click Here to learn more.   

Chubb Plans to Add Employees, Renovations to Whitehouse Headquarters

October 10, 2016

At the September 12th Readington Township Planning Board meeting, Chubb presented preliminary site plans to add parking to their location on Taylor’s Mill Road in Whitehouse Station.  During the presentation, Chubb stated that they are happy to continue operating in Readington and that they will be relocating an estimated 400-500 employee to what will now be their largest office space in the world.  The location in Readington will be home base for many of their executives and includes an office for their CEO.  Full Story>>

HCRHS Board Of Ed Candidates from Readington Respond To CFR Questionnaire

October 24, 2016

To familiarize our readers with the qualifications and positions of the two Readington candidates, we asked that they respond to a Candidate Questionnaire.  Click Here to view individual candidate responses.

Downtown Whitehouse Station Housing Development Receives Preliminary Approval

October 19, 2016

At the June 27th Readington Township Planning Board meeting, the Board held a preliminary hearing for the Nelson Street Tract in Whitehouse Station. The Board gave preliminary approval for the tract to be developed into approximately 68 rental units of 1-, 2-, and 3-BR housing. The approval is part of the Township's master plan to enhance development within walking distance of the NJ Transit train station and to enhance the economic viability of Main Street and other area businesses  Full story>>

 Merck Property Contract Voided With LHR Group

September 12, 2016

At the September 6th Readington Township Committee meeting, Mayor Betty Ann Fort announced that the pending contract sale of the former Merck headquarters property on Route 523 to LHR Group was voided.  Essentially, the property is back on the open market.  Broker Cushman Wakefield will actively be looking for a buyer of the property.  This information was discovered in a Merck court legal filing and not formally transmitted to Readington Township.   Full Story>>

Readington Debt, Values, Assessments and Taxes: Preliminary View

November 1, 2016

CFR has gathered updated data on the town’s finances for your benefit.   We realize this is complex and did our best to simplify the important items that affect our property tax bills.  Full Story>>

Hunterdon County Parks & Open Space Strategic Planning

July 2016

Residents of Hunterdon County are invited to participate in a short survey to help define the future direction of County parks, open space and trails. Please consider sharing your thoughts by participating in the survey.  Click Here to read the press release.  Click Here  to complete the survey