Solber's Take Steps to Expand Runway from 3735' to 5600'

May 28, 2016

Thor Solberg requested a "No Objection" permit from the Federal Aviation Administration in October 2015 to expand the current runway an extra 1,865 feet up to 5,600 feet.  The permit was granted in March 2016.  The upcoming June 7th election will determine whether Readington continues its opposition to the land use change sought by the Solbergs to allow the runway expansion.  CLICK HEREto view document.    Full Story>>   

Mayor Fort wins Readington Township Committee Primary

June 8, 2016
Mayor Betty Ann Fort defeated challenger Larry Lelah in the June 7th Primary election to be the Republican nominee for Township Committee in the General Election on November 8th.  She ran on her record of fiscal restraint, Open Space & Farmland Preservation & working on solutions to prevent airport expansion. 

The totals were: 

Betty Ann Fort 1,726 55.89%
Larry Lelah 1,361 44.07%
Write-In 1 0.03%
Total 3,088

Citizens for Readington endorsed Mayor Fort in the Primary.   We will stay abreast of activities leading into the General Election provide additional feedback at that time.  

Readington Debt, Values, Assessments and Taxes: Preliminary View 
May 1, 2016
CFR has compiled a brief summary of Readington finances based on the debt reports and budgets of the Township and School District.  The debt owed by Readington had declined 1.15% over the 2015 fiscal year.  Property values increased, but assessed values remained stable.  The overall Township assessment declined by only 
one-half of one percent, despite any loss of value to the Merck property.  The 2016 Township budget and the 2016-2017 School budget show very little change.  More>>

Readington Township Committee Votes to Appeal Solberg Airport Eminent Domain Decision in Split Vote

May 1, 2016
This month, the Township Committee voted to hire an attorney to appeal the May 2015 decision that essentially resulted in an override of municipal zoning and would allow the Solbergs to expand their runway to accommodate larger aircraft.  In his May 2015 decision, Judge Armstrong ruled that the Solberg's have the right to develop their entire 726 acres for airport use.  At present, out of the entire 726 acre tract of land owned by Solberg Aviation, only about 60 acres are currently occupied by the existing airport operation.  More>>

Mayor Fort Responds to Voter Questions

June 1, 2016

We invited Mayor Fort and Larry Lelah to sit down with us for a conversation prior to next week’s primary. Mr. Lelah declined; Mayor Fort spent a recent evening sharing her experience and her views on issues of concern to residents. Click Here for a summary of that discussion for your consideration before the election. 

Waypointe Update
May 1, 2016
Residents in the neighborhood of the previous Holly Thorn House Inn on Readington Rd have been rallying against a potential new neighbor. The former inn property is being leased by Waypointe, a company with plans to convert it to a live-in community residence for young men with mental health diagnoses. Although the legal basis for installation of a mental health residence is supported by the New Jersey Community Health Law, regardless of Township ordinances and without prior notification, information about the ownership, operation or residents of theWaypointe facility has not been forthcoming from the company thus far. In an attempt to rectify that, Waypointe has offered Open House sessions to Whitehouse Station residents. Waypoint has posted information on their Facebook page for interested residents to get the Open House dates and RSVP.  For additional information about Waypointe in Readington see CFR's Article.  

Hunterdon County Parks & Open Space Strategic Planning

July 2016

Residents of Hunterdon County are invited to participate in a short survey to help define the future direction of County parks, open space and trails. Please consider sharing your thoughts by participating in the survey.  Click Here to read the press release.  Click Here  to complete the survey

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