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2018 News Archives

2018-05-05 New School Superintendent in Readington

Proposed Changes to Rules for Hunting

May 5, 2018

At the last Township Committee meeting (April 16), the TC discussed proposed rule changes in regard to hunting deer on Township property.  It is back on the agenda for the TC meeting on May 7th.  Do you like the proposal?  Read our post to catch up on the topic.    More>>

Township Committee Candidate Responses 

October 21, 2018

As we have done in past elections, Citizens for Readington has offered a survey to serious candidates for Township Committee.  We posed eight topics and promised to print their response, word for word, up to a certain word limit.  
 Here are the responses  More>>

CFR Township Committee Candidate Endorsements

November 3, 2018

A lively and active campaign for the open seats on the Township Committee leads us to support Ben Smith and Juergen Huelsebusch. Here’s why>>

Township News- July

July 13, 2018

School may be out for the summer, but the volunteers and elected officials who serve on Committees and Boards in the Township continue to work hard on behalf of us all. At the July 2nd TC meeting, 2 ordinances were passed unanimously.  More>>

2014-2015 News Archives

2014-12-15 Readington Moves To Meet COAH  Requirements 

2014-12-16 Pipeline Expansion Finances Open Space Purchases

2014-12-16 Beatrice Muir Resigns

2014-12-09 Small Jet Crashes Near Gaithersburg

2015-01-06 Readington Appoints Board Memberships

2015-01-07 JCP&L Infrastructure Improvements

2015-01-07 Actions Confirm Pro-Development Agenda

2015-01-12  No Voter Mandate For Broten & Tropello

2015-01-25  Trial Ends, Solberg Confirms Intent to Expand Airport

2015-01-31Solberg Fuel Contaminates Ground Water

2015-02-12  Solberg Expansion- Answers to Your Questions

2015-03-01 Readington Cited as one of Safest NJ Towns

2015-03-01  New Emergency Equipment On Tap

2015-03-01  Readington Police K9 Unit

2015-03-01  Development Threatens Historic District

2015-03-10  Readington Dog Park News

2015-03-15  Solberg Attorney Says Solberg Should Expand

2015-03-18 $5K Grant Available To Readington Organizations

2015-03-10  It's Spring At The Community Garden

2015-03-13  Your Vote Counts in June Primary

2015-04-13  1000 Free Seedlings For Readington Residents

2015-04-13  Merck- Low Impact on Property Taxes

2015-04-13  Airport Could Take Over Township Committee

2015-04-13  Solbergs Propose Sweetheart Deal For Themselves

2015-07-25 Landslide Primary Election in Readington

2015-07-25Readington Business Buzz

2015-07-25  Solbergs File For 10 years of Tax Forgiveness

2015-08-31  Solbergs Obtain Grant To Grade Runway Safety Area

2015-08-31  Merck Presents Opportunity For Smart Planning

2015-08-31  Hunterdon Central Regional High School Ranks High

2015-08-31  Solberg Litigation: Post-Trial Motions Filed 

2015-08-31 Solberg Airport Litigation- The Case for Appealing

2015-10-1   Who Makes The Decisions In Town?

2015-10-14  Who is Scott Scammell?

2015-10-14  Readington Sewer Allocation Litigation

2015-10-19  Township Committee Candidates Respond

2015-10-21  Airport Expansion Looms in Readington

2015-10-21  What is Happening With Merck?

2015-10-23  Concerns With Scammell's Campaign

2015-10-28  HC BOE Candidates Respond to CFR Questions

2015-10-29  CFR Endorses Duffy and Smith

2015-11-25Your Vote Matters

2015-11-25Business Buzz-Farmer & Chickpea

2015-11-25  Readington Sustainability Accomplishments

Rosedale & Rosehill Cemetary Proposal

November 15, 2018

On this coming Monday night, Nov. 19th,  our Township Committee will hear the case for a proposed Rosedale & Rosehill Cemetery in Readington.  The proposed large cemetery/mausoleum complex must demonstrate the need for an additional cemetery when the Township already has 21 cemeteries of various sizes.  It should be interesting!  The opponents of the cemetery hope that you will come. More>>

Updates from Around The Town

March 9, 2018

Hopefully, all our neighbors fared well during the recent storms. Mother Nature is having her way with us in March, but there are other things happening around town for you to stay aware of. Weigh in on a proposed new cemetery, attend a town hall on affordable housing, and learn about volunteering and an Open Space action.  More>>